I Thought Your House Was For Sale...

I was talking to a colleague the other day. He was obviously quite frustrated. The obvious question was asked. To which, he replied with a quick story.

My colleague had a home listed for sale in North Vancouver. He did his thing and multiple offers were generated. In fact, there were a total of nine offers. He sat down with the home owners and they reviewed all nine offers and they discussed the pros and cons of each accordingly.

Not being the listing agent, I don't have the details of the offers (even if I did, I certainly wouldn't be posting them here or anywhere else!!!). The offer which was the "best" in terms of dollars was "significantly" more than the asking price.

Which offer did the home owners accept??? None. They decided to take their home off the market and sell it some other time.

I have been asked more than once before, "Once I sign a listing agreement, do I have to sell my home?". The answer is no. While rare, it does happen...