Easter Dinner With Over 3,000 Guests...

Well, for those calendar watchers, today is April 3, 2015. Good Friday. Which means Easter is only days away. As this holiday weekend approached, I realized, other than business appointments, I didn't have any plans. It seems family, friends, etc have scattered to other places. It occurred to me, I will be spending Easter alone for the first time.

No, this isn't a sad story. It just is. There is no plot against me forcing me into solitude. It's just the way it is this year. Until.......I received a message. Which resulted in conversation. Now, I will be far from alone this Easter. In fact, if the numbers from 2011 are repeated, I will be with over 3,000 people!

In 2011, the Union Gospel Mission had a opened their new and larger dining room. 2 weeks after that opening, they served over 3,000 Easter meals!!! Yup. That's where I will be this year. Helping serve those who need a little help.

If you want to learn more about the Union Gospel Mission or support their work by way of a donation, please go to www.ugm.ca

Happy Easter!!!