Do I Floss?

I hosted an open house on Saturday. A couple arrived with two young children who were possibly their grandchildren. They announced the live in the building and asked if they could simply look around as "nosy neighbours". Sure, come on in! I promptly ignore them and focus on the youngest. It turns out she's five. I introduce myself and ask her if she presently has a Realtor. She sheepishly replies "no". I present her with a feature sheet and various other marketing material. I then ask her if she'd like a tour of the property. She nods "yes". I tour her through the place and try to do so through the eyes of a five year old. Naturally, the grandparents and other kid (aged seven) tag along. I had noticed my potential "client" had purple lips and felt marker on her arm. When we arrive in the empty living room I announce this is where she could host grape juice parties and draw and colour with her friends. The "big sister" chimes in and asks how I knew her sister loved grape juice? The grandparents laughed. 

When we arrive to the master bedroom, my potential client announces to her grandparents they should buy this place and this could be her bedroom when she visited. More laughter. As the "showing" was wrapping up, the two kids started demonstrating their gymnastic skills down the hallway. The youngest asked if I "flossed". Huh, I replied pretending not to know what she was talking about. Sure! I walked over to my briefcase, pulled something out, and proceeded to show her how I floss. The grandparents roared. As they left, the grandmother winked, shook my hand, and thanked me.

With that, have a great week!