An unexpected great day

A few days ago was July 1st. Canada Day. A holiday. This made last weekend a long weekend. I had open houses booked and business appointments made. To add, my kids were out of town with my ex. I didn't have any personal plans. As my Monday business appointments wrapped up, my thoughts turned to what I should do with the rest of the day. Perhaps a short drive to Porteau Cove with Elvis was in order? I texted a friend who is often in the Whistler/Squamish area and asked if she just happened to be around and wanted to join me and Elvis. Nope. I'm in Whistler with my kids. And we are going to stay for the Tenors. Ok. Have a great time!

I thought to myself, "the Tenors"? "Who or what are the Tenors"? So, I took to the internet and quickly found out. Ohhhhh.... the Tenors! Insert facepalm. With a lawn chair and blanket in tow, I was off to Whistler. I had about an hours wiggle room if there were no traffic problems, etc between my home and Whistler.

I arrive at Whistler, park, and begin meandering from the parking lot to the Village. I have no clue where I'm going. After about 10 minutes, I spot the Olympic rings. This must be the place! And it was. I walked on to the grass to secure a spot for myself. Someone shouts out my name. It's my friend and one of her kids. I join them. What followed was one of the most entertaining hour and forty five minutes. The Tenors were simply amazing! From fantastic original songs to old pop favorites that any generation will enjoy.If you ever get the chance to experience them live, treat yourself and go!