OPEN HOUSES. Hosting them has been a big part of my weekends for years. In early March it seemed prudent to stop hosting them. Then, in mid-March, Real Estate boards across BC and the Real Estate Council of BC strongly recommended Open Houses not be held. On July 7th, in consultation with WorkSafe BC, that recommendation was removed. Many protocols have been suggested for all of our safety. When I first heard this announcement, I was thrilled. Back to normal! I have paused and given this much thought. I am no longer so thrilled, It is not back to normal. In fact, I personally have some concerns. Covid has caused us to change much of what we do and how we do it. This has definitely been the case for the buying and selling of homes. Initially, business definitely dropped off because of Covid. As we all adapted, learned, and figured things out, the market has returned and things have been ticking along accordingly. Sales volume continues to grow. All of this has happened without Open Houses as we knew them. Despite the protocols in place, I choose to err on the side of caution and will not personally be hosting any Open Houses. There are many ways we can effectively market properties. Let's stick to doing as much due diligence as possible in advance of any "in person" showings of properties. Just my opinion. Which is subject to change.?